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Problem decomposition (L3)
Use of appropriate data structures and algorithms and comes up with generic/object-oriented code that encapsulate aspects of the problem that are subject to change.

Systems decompositio (L2/3)
Able to design systems that span multiple technologies/platforms. /Able to visualize and design complex systems with multiple product lines and integrations with external systems. Also should be able to design operations support systems like monitoring, reporting, fail overs etc.

Communication (L2)
Is able to effectively communicate with peers

Code organization within a file (L3)
File has license header, summary, well commented, consistent white space usage. The file should look beautiful.

Code organization across files (L2/3)
Each physical file has a unique purpose, for e.g. one class definition, one feature implementation etc. Code organization at a physical level closely matches design and looking at file names and folder distribution provides insights into design.

Source tree organization (L2)
No circular dependencies, binaries, libs, docs, builds, third-party code all organized into appropriate folders.

Code readability (L3)
Code assumptions are verified using asserts, code flows naturally – no deep nesting of conditionals or methods.

Defensive coding (L3)
Has his own library to help with defensive coding, writes unit tests that simulate fault

Error handling (L3)
Codes to detect possible exception before, maintain consistent exception handling strategy in all layers of code, come up with guidelines on exception handling for entire system.

IDE (L3)
Has written custom macros.

API (L3)
Has written libraries that sit on top of the API to simplify frequently used tasks and to fill in gaps in the API.

Frameworks (L3)
Author of framework.

Requirements (L2/3)
Understand complete picture and come up with entire areas that need to be speced.
Able to suggest better alternatives and flows to given requirements based on experience.

Scripting (L2)
Perl/Python/Ruby/VBScript/Powershell {}

Database (L1/2)
Able to design good and normalized database schemas keeping in mind the queries that’ll have to be run, proficient in use of views, stored procedures, triggers and user defined types.
Knows difference between clustered and non-clustered indexes. Proficient in use of ORM tools.

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